Colorado Volunteer of the Year is an NRA instructor


We’re all about volunteers here at NRAblog and today we’ve got another one for you.

Dennis Moore, a Refuse To Be A Victim instructor, has been named the Colorado Springs, Colorado, Volunteer of the Year by the city’s police and fire departments.

Moore has been a RTBAV instructor since 2009 and teaches seminars on behalf of the Sand Creek Division of the Colorado Springs Police Department where he holds the position of neighborhood watch coordinator.

“We all need to become involved in our personal safety, so we all can refuse to be a victim,” Dennis told RTBAV Program Coordinator Ruthann Sprague. “It is a community effort.”

The award was announced at the Community Advancing Public Safety Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon and was the first of its kind since the two agencies formed this joint program.

“I was so flabbergasted that I won,” Moore told the Colorado Springs Gazette. “I was surprised because of all the names that were on the list of nominees.”

Congratulations Dennis, your leadership has led to the education of an enormous amount of people and has no doubt made your community a more informed and safer place.

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