Hunting and Fishing License Plate Law Signed by Colorado Governor



Wildlife license plates to are set to become available in Colorado January 1, 2013, or soon after.

Colorado has a long and proud outdoor heritage and we will be proud to display our connection to that heritage so we can improve the future opportunities for the next generation of hunters and anglers.

The plate will be available to all applicants who pay a one-time additional fee of $60. Of this fee, $25 is credited to the Licensing Services Cash Fund (LSCF), $25 is credited to the Highway Users Tax Fund (HUTF) and $10 is credited to the Wildlife Cash Fund. This plate also requires a $25 annual renewal fee.

The money in the Wildlife Cash Fund is used to fund grants to create or enhance shooting ranges, and for projects to improve fishing opportunities. Revenues from the sale of these plates will go to programs within Colorado Parks and Wildlife, aimed at increasing youth access to hunting and fishing opportunities. One half of the proceeds will go towards fish habitat and angling access. The other half will go towards the development of public shooting ranges.

“These sporting license plates will give sportsmen and others an excellent opportunity to proudly display their passion for Colorado’s sporting history and also the chance to support the programs that help make hunting and fishing opportunities available to everyone,” said Senator Jean White  at a recent event celebrating  the signing of  this bill.

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