No Dough for Young Buck That Broke Into an Illinois Bank


A young buck crashed through the window of  a PNC Bank in Decatur, Illinois on Tuesday evening causing chaos in the building.

Across the street, construction worker Jordan Stanberry, 28, had just arrived to McGorray’s Golf & Grille restaurant and looked on as the deer ran straight for the bank.

“I was like, ‘Oh, don’t do it,’ and — bam — I mean he went straight into the window,” Stanberry said in an interview with the Herald & Review.

He could see the deer frantically running inside the bank looking for an escape.

“He ran and probably hit the windows four times trying to jump out,” Stanberry said. “There is like a tiled floor in there, and he couldn’t get a grip on it.”

The deer was terrified. It was also bleeding from a wound to the nose which left the bank covered in blood. Eventually it cowered behind drive-up teller area behind blood-smeared windows.

Macon County Animal Control arrived and shot the deer with a tranquilizer dart. Workers from Animal Control and the Decatur Police Department carried the deer out after it was tranquilized.

Later, the animal was euthanized, according to Chief Warden Roy Austin. “It was severely injured from the glass,” Austin said. “Its leg was broken and yeah, its face was cut up pretty bad.”

Managers of the PNC branch at 2965 N. Water St. said they didn’t expect the bank to be operating normal business hours the following day. There was just too much blood deposited everywhere to open its doors immediately.

Images republished with permission by the Herald & Review.

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