SCI Foundation Awards Record Amount for College Scholarships


This past year Safari Club International Foundation awarded a total of $33,270 in college scholarships benefiting 20 students majoring in wildlife management, natural resource management, or a related field of study.   That total dollar commitment is being increased to $35,270 in the 2012-13 academic years. Since the year 2000, SCI Foundation has awarded $300,000 to 61 scholars attending colleges around the U.S and internationally.

Since 2004, Safari Club International Foundation has invested nearly $500,000 in scholarship endowments that have awarded $41,000 to 22 scholars. Safari Club International Foundation has four hunting heritage scholars this year and will have five at the beginning of the 2012 fall semester.

Education Sables Hunting Heritage Scholarship Endowments are at the University of West Virginia, Unity College in Maine, Texas A & M Kingsville, University of Idaho and University of Montana.

“These scholarships are imperative for the education of future hunter- conservationists,” said SCI Foundation President Joseph Hosmer. “We need more individuals committed to science based conservation and active wildlife management.   Only then can we ensure that future generations are afforded the same opportunities to get out and experience the outdoors as we have.”

The future of hunting is dependent upon next generations. SCI Foundation Education Sables are committed to continuing our hunting heritage through education.  Investing in the education of these college scholars is an investment in the future of hunting and wildlife conservation.

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