Christopher Rannow, 25, Anna Nelson, 32, Sherrie Holloway, 52, and Jay Parsi 20 aren’t criminal masterminds.

The quartet’s plan was simple enough: steal a motorless, 18-foot flat-bottom boat and drift 1165 miles (as the crow flies) to the mouth of the Mississippi River. Unfortunately without a motor the foursome of nautical ne’re-do-wells couldn’t do anything do avoid Lock and Dam 14, which is in LeClaire, Iowa.

After crashing into the dam one of the men on the boat called 911 for help. An investigation lead to their arrest.

County Sherriff Dennis Conrad said the foursome admitted to trying to float to the mouth of the Mississippi.

Parsi is facing one count of third-degree theft. The rest have been charged with one count of third-degree theft and one count of harassment of a public official.

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5 thoughts on “Voyage of the Dammed: Quartet’s Plan to Float Stolen Boat from Iowa to Louisiana Ends in Arrest

  1. I dunno, they look to be intelligent , certainly organized and well planned enough to have pulled it off. Can’t figure what went wrong…? I guess they just don’t make crooks the way they used to. DUH

  2. IF they hadn’t stole the boat, would you still be so critical?

    This is still America where you are supposed to be free. I bet, even if it had been their own boat, someone would have made a big deal out of this and they would have ended up in jail for some stupid trumped up charge or law. It happens all the time.

    Without the WHOLE story, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions and question their intelligence. That only shows your lack of wisdom and throws questions as to your intelligence.

    It seems that a large percentage of people are quick to believe the first side of the story that they hear without hearing the voice of the accused or any dissenting stories and weighing all of the factors involved.

    You should consider that if you are ever in a situation of being accused of anything… that you would appreciate the benefit of doubt… and, that you would hope to be able to tell your side of the story. Hopefully the people you tell your story to will not be as quick as you have been to jump to conclusions and make judgements as to your intelligence or motives.

    1. Gary, you should join the idiot parade. Even if the boat weren’t stolen, they’re STILL IDIOTS trying to navigate a motorless boat down the Mississippi. One look at their mug shots tells me they were probably trying to get to some ‘occupy’ rally down South… or maybe fleeing the ‘tyranny’ of Wisconsin.

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