“First Lady of Hunting” Receives American Veterans’ Highest Service Award


Brenda Valentine is a national champion archer, world-class hunter, conservation, T.V. host, author, and is often referred to as the “First Lady of Hunting.” Valentine has spent most of her life promoting hunting.

Now she can add another great honor to her achievements.

Before we get to the award it’s important to know a little about what made Valentine the “First Lady of Hunting.”

According to her website, Valentine was born into hunting. Her family depended on wild game meat to set the table. During her early years of hunting, trapping, and fishing Valentine was molded in the person she is today. A person who built a life around teaching and sharing the way she has lived and now lives.

Even though fame has made Valentine as busy woman she hasn’t forgotten her roots. When she isn’t giving speeches or filming television shows you’ll probably find her at her home in Tennessee, hunting, fishing, farming and loving the outdoors.

Now Valentine can another accolade to a list that seems to keep growing.

Valentine received the Silver Bayonet Veteran Service award on June 9.

Valentine is getting the award for tireless efforts toward bringing awareness and outdoor opportunities to disabled and wounded veterans over past few years. She has given her experience and time to help male and female veterans on turkey hunts. She has used television, print, and social media to raise awareness about veterans’ issues.

She  has been invited to represent the outdoor industry in the upcoming “Outdoor Legends Tour” which has the goal of thanking America’s troops stationed abroad.

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