NRA Shooter at Muzzle Loading Championships


Friendship, Indiana – Yesterday on the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association’s skeet field, we were lucky enough to run into none other than NRA’s Indiana Field Representative John Crone.

Initially he blended in as just one of the guys. Just one of the many shooters here at the match. But soon enough we came to realize that this was a many we’ve met at a number of NRA events.

After finishing the last flight of clays, he left the firing line to clean his shotguns. I took the opportunity to go over and check on his progress.

Crone is a big fan of muzzle loading. In fact, he has been coming out to the NMLRA matches for about 10 years. Expect last year. Events beyond his control took him away from the sport that he loves so.

“I was gone for eighteen months in Iraq and I’m back at it,” Crone told me with a smile. “I’m out here and I’m making noise.”

He had shot well, but others had shot better. The Spring Shoot brings out some extremely talented marksmen.

When I brought up next week’s Field Operations Division Annual Planning Meeting, Crone said he was excited, but also had some fighting words for some of his co-workers – listen up, Field Reps.

“We’re going to be shooting cartridge next week; sporting clays with the field reps,” he said. “It’s not going to be pretty. Our region is smoking. Midwest shoots shotgun.”

Beware non-midwest Reps, the gauntlet has been throw down. Are any of you going to make these guys put their money where their mouth is this week? It’s not too late for some last minute practice.

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