Tadeusz Wyrzykowski lives in a house with a fenced-in yard in Bolinas, California. When a deer jumped into his fenced yard twice last spring, leaving Wyrzykowski with a number of injuries, the 58-year-old filed a lawsuit against the California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG).

Wyrzykowski’s handwritten court papers say the deer jumped into his yard and attacked him twice on a narrow path.

“I fell into a window pane. A shred of glass imbeded [sic] in my right foot,” Wyrzykowski wrote. Additionally, he wrote that the Department “owns that animal, manages it and is responsible for the diversified use of it.”

“CDFG mismanaged negligently its animal its claims & duties, as a direct result, I suffered trauma, pain and lasting injury, compromising my health till present.”

The damages Wyrzykowski seeks are unspecified. A CDFG spokesperson said the department has not seen the lawsuit and therefore will not comment on pending litigation. A case management conference is set for October 19 before Judge Roy Chernus in Marin Superior Court.

Image from Christina, ChristinaT on flickr

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3 thoughts on “California Man Sues Wildlife Department over “Deer Injuries”

  1. This is a Joke wild game belongs to everyone in the state, not the government of the state. This will be thrown out…then again this is California after all they do some very weird things over there.

  2. Ridiculous… Sue happy people like this are ruining America and taking away everyone’s freedoms. Wyrzykowski, take responsibility for your own actions. You choose to live in a place that has deer. If they frequently come into your yard and you have a problem with that…. MOVE! What next? You sue the state of California because you stepped on the State Mollusk (a protected Banana slug), fell and hurt your ego? Give me a break.

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