Meet the New Junior Indoor Rifle Champions


The two week challenge period for the 2012 NRA National Junior Indoor Rifle Championships is now over and scores are final.

Scores can be checked on the NRA National Indoor Rifle & Pistol Championships website found here.

“Congratulations to all of our new champions,” said Sectional Program Coordinator Dian Bullock, who worked tirelessly to check and enter all of this year’s scores. “And thank you to each and every one of our competitors for helping to make this NRA’s biggest annual championship.”

Why such a long challenge period? Traditional matches have much shorter terms for score review and to settle any disputes, usually a couple hours, but that’s because everyone – shooters and match staff – is on location. The NRA Indoor Championships don’t have this luxury as they are made up of many Sectional Tournaments shot across the country.

Scores and targets are mailed into NRA headquarters and the two week challenge period is set to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

Checking scores has gotten a little easier in the past couple years since the conversion to reporting scores online. Previously, results were mailed directly to participants and the full two weeks were definitely needed to receive challenges.

The NRA National Indoor Championships can be shot from the comfort of your own home (or very close to it) – it’s that easy. It’s never too early to start preparing for next year. Contact Dian Bullock at (703) 267-1482 or [email protected] to get in on the action.

Who are the 2012 Champions?

Indoor Conventional Position Smallbore Rifle

  • Individual: Mackenzie Martin – 399-34x
  • Team: Thunder Birds – 1573-96x
    • Lily Voynick
    • Emma Carey
    • Lauren Phillips
    • Corinne Blair

International Air Rifle

  • Individual: Sarah Banks – 391
  • Team: MCGS Kats – 1162
    • Sarah Banks
    • Samantha Bullard
    • Jedidah Huie

Indoor Metric Position Smallbore Rifle

  • Individual: Niki Silveria – 576
  • Team: Palmyra JRC Platinum – 2258
    • Nathan Brandeburg
    • Alyssa Gestl
    • Elizabeth Embeck
    • Leo Funk

Precision Air Rifle Position

  • Individual: Mitchell Van Patten – 592
  • Team: Palmyra Green – 2326
    • Abigai Wert
    • Leo Funk
    • Alyssa Gestl
    • Nathan Brandeburg

Sporter Air Rifle Position

  • Individual: Cody Sanchez – 563
  • Team: St. Thomas Academy – 2134
    • Patrick Cramer
    • Tyler Johnson
    • Champman Madden
    • Nick Caspers

Sporter Air Rifle Standing

  • Individual: Jonah Quintero – 348
  • Team: Bordelon Rifles – 1339
    • Kyle Morales
    • Hunter Kraus
    • Jonah Quintero
    • Jacob Rincon
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