This Week on The Revolution: A Guide to Gun Dogs


Jim & Trav talk with President & CEO of Outdoor Channel, Tom Hornish as well as country music artist and outdoorsman Craig Morgan. Then they’ll switch gears to The Revolution’s Guide to Gun Dogs. Chad Love with Field & Stream will talk about the rattlesnake vaccine, Dave Carty will give tips on curbing bad behavior and trainer Scott Berg talks about choosing your next pointer!

Outdoor Channel – President & CEO Tom Hornish

There are major changes happening at Outdoor Channel. The first change is the appointment of Tom Hornish to President and CEO. Tom’s values spill over into the programming there and he has put together a line-up of talent that will rival any other network. Lee and Tiffany, Michael Waddell, Ted Nugent, Jim Shockey and many more headline the talent of Outdoor Channel. Hunting, fishing, backpacking, camping, shooting and new reality programs will kick off in July, tune in to hear more!

Craig Morgan – “All Access Outdoors”

All Access Outdoors” chronicles the life of country music sensation and diehard outdoorsman Craig Morgan – both on stage and in the field. This hit new reality show gives viewers an all access, backstage pass to Craig’s travels, as he and his crew pursue big game, big thrills and big laughs across North America in a quest for the ultimate hunting adventures. Craig’s lifelong love of hunting make “All Access Outdoors” a must-see for hardcore hunters and country music fans everywhere.

Dave Carty – Stopping Bad Behavior Before it Starts

Training dogs isn’t an exact science but rather a process of repetition. Dave Carty talks with Jim and Trav this week about the building blocks of training your dog and how to stop bad habits and behaviors before they start.

Chad Love – Field & Stream Gun Dog Blog

Chad Love is a writer for the Field & Stream Gun Dog Blog. He joins Jim and Trav to talk about the pros and cons of the rattlesnake vaccine, how it can protect your dog should a snake bite occur, as well as snake avoidance training for your dog.

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