Bushmaster Introduces the Whistler Boy Medal


Bushmaster Firearms International is a long time supporter of the National Rifle & Pistol Championships up in Camp Perry. One of their primary means of said support is through the sponsorship of the Whistler Boy Match — a Junior High Power Rifle competition. This year, the winning team is going to take home one of those beauties on the left.

“We spoke with Bushmaster last year about the competition and they expressed an interest in updating the awards,” said NRA Marketing Coordinator Woody Arenas. “A few more phone calls, exchange of ideas and this is the end result.”

Officially known at the Bushmaster/NRA Whistler Boy Team Match, the high power version (there is a smallbore Whistler Boy Match as well) takes place on August 5th. Open to any club or state association, the two-person team is allowed two sighting shots before the real fun begins. Fun if you like a challenge that is.

For the Whistler Boy title, Junior shooters are required to shoot 10 slow fire shots while standing at 200 yards, 10 rapid fire shots from the sitting or kneeling position at 200 yards, 10 rapid fire shots from the prone position at 300 yards and 20 slow fire shots while prone at 600 yards.

Last year’s winner, the California Grizzles Mother Lode, managed a 965-24x for the title — just ten points off the all time record. A repeat performance could mean that they’ll be adding Bushmaster’s new High Power Medal to their collection.

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