New Series, Antler Insanity, Will Take Viewers to the Edge


Focused on big game hunts, the new, original series, Antler Insanity, will demonstrate how hunting is a tradition passed down to the hosts, as they will pass along to their own. Tune into Antler Insanity exclusively on Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American Sportsman on June 29 at 6:30 pm EST. The new series debuts during the premiere week of “Made in America,” which kicks off 575 hours of new content across 100 different series for the networks Q3 lineup.

For the past several years, the owners, hosts, and affiliates of Antler Insanity have been traveling across North America hunting all kinds of big game. Hosted by Kevin Lancaster and Dean Davis, this new series will show viewers their passion for the outdoors. “Somewhere along the way we realized there is a diagnosis for the lifestyle we live,” said host Kevin Lancaster. “Antler Insanity is about the natural born hunting instincts that a person has in their blood. We were born into a serious lifestyle of hunting. We were taught the way of the true sportsman by our fathers and grandfathers, to respect and cherish the land and what she gives us.”

Hosted by Antler Insanity will take viewers on hunts chasing down high country elk in New Mexico to co-host, Davis, taking on black bear in Canada and calling in turkeys in Missouri. This new series is about the deep seated passion and love for the outdoors that the hosts have been raised with and live by. They will show viewers what they do before, during and after the hunt; the good and the bad. They are totally committed, some would call it Insane!

“This isn’t about b-roll footage and fluff…this is real hunting. We want you to feel like you are there hunting with us,” said co-host Dean Davis. “I am truly blessed to be able to share my passion for the outdoors with our fans, viewers and my family.”

Don’t miss Antler Insanity and 21 other brand-new series starting June 25 for Sportsman Channel’s exciting premiere week, “Made in America.”  The network’s Q3 lineup includes 575 hours of new content, including 22 brand-new series and 70 returning series with all-new episodes, featuring the network’s battled-tested hunters, legendary anglers and top experts.  The campaign, which bows June 25, is a multimillion dollar, multimedia effort that will garner in excess of 200 million impressions. Watch below for videos and snippets.


Kenneth Lancaster is a native of Lake Providence, Louisiana who has worked as a guide, videographer, and hunter. His respect for the great outdoors began as a child, having a father who was a trapper and hunter, and a grandfather who was a commercial fisherman on the Mississippi River.  At an early age Kenneth developed a love for archery, shot in 3D tournaments, and worked in a local archery shop. Kenneth’s background includes nine years with Primos Hunting Calls and his passion for hunting continues through his work with Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector, and now with Antler Insanity.  A proud father of two daughters, Gracen Elizabeth and Briley Regan, and devoted husband of Holly Lancaster, Kenneth always makes time for his family.

Dean Davis has been involved in the hunting industry for the past 18 years, as a hunting guide for Tara Wildlife, a producer, editor and host for Primos’ Truth TV and Video series, and producer/editor for Mississippi Outdoors. His older boys, Dyllan and Drake, grew up on the Truth About Hunting TV shows and Dean has three younger boys now and can’t wait to share their hunting experiences with you as well.

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