NRANews Shooting Bumpers at NRA Headquarters


Fairfax, Virginia – As the summer season starts to roll in, NRANews rolled into NRA Headquarters to hear about the latest in General Operations. Shooting a series of bumpers spanning from the National Firearms Museum to Education & Training to the Law Enforcement Division, the bumpers serve as commercials for the online broadcast.

“Sirius/XM provides us with time during the show,” explained NRANews Executive Producer John Popp. “That’s where we run the bumpers. Just another way for people to hear about the latest programs that NRA General Operations has to offer.”

So what did they talk about today? The museum wanted to make sure people know that they’ll be open on the 4th of July, Education & Training shares stories of NRA Day & the Women’s Wilderness Escape, while the Law Enforcement Division began their roll out for the 50th National Police Shooting Championship. There was even a quick hit on the Black Powder Championships in August.

“Some are two minutes, some are five, some are longer. We can run them as bumpers, use them for stories, or package them for videos or Annual Meeting productions. What ever the program, we can usually find more than one use for the interview. It’s a productive way to spend the afternoon.”

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