Youth Summit Explores National Firearms Museum


Fairfax, Virginia – Emerging from the conference room with all kinds of information about the programs operating out of NRA HQ, the Youth Education Summit grabbed lunch before heading over to the National Firearms Museum for a guided tour.

The tour began as all tours do, in the Robert E. Petersen Gallery – the museum’s jewel. The gallery’s collection of some of the finest firearms ever assembled was certainly impressive to the summit attendees.

“I can’t believe this is in the ground floor of your building,” one of the students remarked to Event Services Manager Jeremy Greene. “I’m already thinking of planning a trip to come back.”

Moving out of the Petersen Gallery, students took a step back in history several hundred years as they learned a little about flintlock firearms and slowly returned to the 21st century while seeing the technological progression of firearms that shaped the world today.

You could spend an entire day gawking at all the pieces on display in the National Firearms Museum. Unfortunately, Y.E.S. didn’t have the time for that and the students moved along to the next part of the day’s agenda after an hour. Fortunately for the Y.E.S. attendees, that next item on their agenda was a trip to the NRA Range, where the firearms would no longer be behind glass cases.

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