The Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GADNR) in conjunction with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and Mote Marine Laboratory is asking anglers to participate in the 2012 Tarpon Genetics Study. This study is designed to help researchers determine recapture rates, movements of individual fish, migration patterns, habitat usage, and survival through the use of a non-invasive sampling technique called DNA fingerprinting.

How can you help? Tarpon anglers can obtain a genetics sampling kit from GADNR. The kit contains small abrasive sponges that are used collect skin cells from the outer jaw of the fish. The sponge is then placed in a vial containing a solution of preservative. Anglers need to record information such as date, capture location, and length of the fish on the data card provided.  The card and the sample vial can be returned to GADNR using the postpaid envelope included in the kit. It’s that easy! DNA samples from any tarpon, anywhere, of any size are accepted.

To obtain the no-charge genetics sampling kit, interested anglers should contact Ryan Harrell at (912) 617.1607 or email:; Kirby Wolfe at (912) 264-7218 or email:

Anglers participating are also entered in raffles and bi-monthly drawings for t-shirts, gift cards, or other prizes.

Logo courtesy GADNR

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