Hundreds of pistol shooters, volunteers, employees and spectators gathered at Camp Perry’s Memorial Monument this morning at 10:00 AM for the annual First Shot Ceremony. Some attendees were forced to stand, as pictured above, because there were no seats left in the crowd bleachers.

The American Flag for the First Shot Ceremony was brought by two Hummer Personal Carriers. The Hummer Personal Carrier shown above is a T-125, while the other carrier was a T-135. These enormous machines roared loudly down the side road as black clouds of exhaust rose into the air. Once the carriers were stopped, Ohio Air National Guard soldiers poured out the back doors and put on a demonstration for the crowd of a military combat maneuver.

Dignitaries from the National Rifle Association, CMP, National Guard, all branches of the armed forces and local government representatives were seated in the middle section and recognized during the ceremony.

LTG William E. Ingram Jr., Director Army National Guard, was the 2012 First Shot guest speaker. LTG Ingram Jr. also fired the ceremonial opening shot which concluded the First Shot Ceremony.

Members of the Honored Speakers Party for the 2012 First Shot Ceremony. From Left to Right: Dennis Willing-NRA Director of Competitive Shooting, Deborah Ashenhurst- Ohio’s first adjutant general, Judith Legerski-Chairman of the CMP Board of Directors, and LTG William E. Ingram Jr.-Director Army National Guard and 2012 speaker.

Images Courtesy NRA Blog

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One thought on “NRA Championships First Shot Ceremony

  1. OMG! What amateur wrote this article? Hummer PERSONAL carriers? Not PERSONNEL? And by the way, the vehicle pictured which is referred to as a T-125 Hummer PERSONAL Carrier is an old M113 Armored PERSONNEL Carrier. Where do they get these clowns?

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