Berkley XL/XT was awarded with the Best New Line Awards at this year’s ICAST show in Orlando, Fla. Berkley XL and XT have been industry standards, and the line continues to get better with the improvements to these monofilament lines.

XL and XT were recognized by the voters as the best line for 2012 by the select ICAST attendees, which include active editorial journalists and retailers.

With a 10 percent improvement in strength and 20 percent more flexibility, Trilene XL gives anglers more reason to reach for the new red packaging also available with the improved XL. Not only did the Berkley line team improve the toughness and smoothness of XL, they also improved the knot strength by over 20 percent. This will help anglers land more fish without worry of knot failure.

It is hard to improve upon greatness, but the new formula of Trilene XT monofilament line is 47% more flexible, even tougher and performs better than previous generations of XT. All attributes have been improved, from abrasion resistance to knot strength. Shock resistance has also been improved on the new XT formula, making those quick strikes from fish seem like a walk in the park. Anglers won’t have to fear fishing along rock piles or down jetties anymore with the greatly improved formula.

“These are industry standards, but with the improvements they are greater than ever,” said Clay Norris, Sr. Berkley Product Manager. “XL and XT are many anglers first line they fish and we want that to remain the same. We also want to improve upon the past while moving forward with more strength and overall a better product. The new XL and XT are just that.”

Since their introduction, Trilene XL (in 1972) and Trilene XT (in 1978), no other lines have had the profound impact on the fishing industry like these two. They have become the gold standard when it comes to fishing lines. Throughout the years, each has gone through changes, but this re-invention of both lines proves to be one of the greatest achievements to date. With improved durability, strength and smoothness, there isn’t anything like XL and XT.

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