Port Clinton, Ohio – The first Mayleigh Cup Postal Match was shot in 1947. An international competition open to any English-speaking country, the Mayleigh is comprised of ten-man teams with two alternates competing with .22 caliber pistols. Who makes up the team? Simple.

Shooters were chosen after the 2012 .22 Caliber Slow Fire and National Match Course were fired. Shooters were then selected to be part of the USA 2012 Mayleigh Cup Team. Twelve in fact. Each met at Petrarca Range to unleash an aggregate of 40 preliminary shots to determine who would be part of the top ten shooters and who would serve as aggregates. Three strings of ten slow-fire shots at 50 meters for the prize.

The shooters selected to compete in this years Mayleigh Cup were: John Zurek, James Henderson, Brian Zins, Robert Mango, Harvie Loomis, Gregory Wilson, Charles Holt, Ron Steinbrecher, David Lang, Paul Porter, Greg Markowski, and James Lenardson. Bill Blankenship served once again as Team Captain, John Gordon as Team Adjutant and the Official Witness was Canada’s Les Dutton.

After all was said and done, this year’s Mayleigh Team score topped out at 2628. Although not as high as last year’s 2667 total, there’s still hope given that the USA has not lost a Mayleigh Postal since 2003. The results of the match won’t be until later in the year, but with the expertise of our shooters, hopefully they’ll bring it home for the tenth year in a row.

Images courtesy NRA Blog

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