“Elk hunting is like hunting an 800- to 1,000-pound turkey,” says Eddie Salter, a world-champion turkey caller and well-known outdoorsman. “You call to the elk just like you call to a turkey. You have to move quietly to sneak-up on the elk, just like you sneak-up on a turkey. When the elk doesn’t come-in like he’s suppose to, you have to change positions and try to out-maneuver him.” To get in shape for elk season, Salter walks several miles twice a day and goes to the local football stadium to climb up and down the stadium steps. “I’ve got a bad leg from two tree stand falls, so I can’t get in shape like other hunters,” Salter explains. “But, I still try to climb stadium steps, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.” When Salter arrives at elk camp, he does plenty of scouting before the first morning hunt. Salter says, “When I go out to call an elk, I want to get to the place where I’m going to start hunting, about 15-minutes before daylight.” Unless you’re hunting with a guide, who knows the terrain, having a hand-held GPS receiver, a compass and a map, are essential for navigating in elk country before daylight.

“Often, I start bugling when I can barely see my hand in front of my face,” Salter explains. “Once I make an elk bugle back to me, then I study the terrain to determine how I can get close to the elk with a favorable wind. I plan my stalk to reach a spot above the bull, before I start cow-calling to him. I like to start calling to an elk with the Bull Hooker Cow Elk Call and then I may use the Bugle Mac Daddy Call, to try and call-in the elk.” Once Salter feels that the elk is moving toward him, he makes about a 75 yard half-circle to come-out closer to the bull then from where he was calling. Salter says, “I want to take a shot with my bow when the bull is passing by me and moving to the spot where he’s heard the cow (me) calling. This way, all the elk’s attention is focused on looking for the cow and not looking to the left or right, where I’m waiting to take the shot.

With bow season for elk starting August 1 in some states, Salter’s tactics will help you take a bull this season.

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Image courtesy of John E. Phillips

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