The Maine Ghost Hunters, a paranormal investigation group, has set up for a Bigfoot hunt in a remote area deep in the woods of northern Maine. The group will be on the hunt for the legendary ape-like creature from August 3rd to the 5th.

Since the group does not consider Bigfoot to be an animal species that has been proven to exist, it falls within the paranormal realm, according to group co-founder Tony Lewis. Therefore, much of the usual ghost hunting equipment to document any potential sightings will be coming along for the hunt.

Typically, this equipment goes along for investigations of haunted locations suspect of paranormal activity, said Lewis. Although if the group spots anything noteworthy as far as Bigfoot goes, half a dozen night vision cameras and other handicams will be used to put together a documentary-style video following the hunt.

The group plans to release footage of the Bigfoot hunt sometime in October, but Bigfoot experts and cryptozoologists believe the chances of finding Bigfoot in Maine are slim.

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