This summer’s Total Recall is the second time Philip K. Dick’s classic science fiction short story We Can Remember It for You Wholesale has been adapted for the big screen. In case you weren’t alive in the 1990s, the first adaptation was also called Total Recall and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Both adaptations take wide liberties with the source material and are, apparently, filled with pulse-quickening action sequences. Don’t just take my word for it. Check out the trailer. Right around the 1:15 mark you get a peek at the .357 Magnum Chiappa Rhino Revolver as Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrel) guns down a few bad guys.


The Rhino is a revolver of Italian origin with a unique barrel layout and futuristic look. Instead of the barrel lining up with the uppermost chamber as in conventional revolvers, the Rhino’s barrel lines up with the bottom-most chamber. According to Chiappa, this reduces muzzle rise and enhances the gun’s “point ability”, as the bore will be more flush with a user’s arm. The hexagonal cylinder (which is intended to make the gun easier to carry concealed) and unconventional aesthetics add to the revolver’s stand-out appearance. You can learn more about the gun in the film from the press release below and on the company’s website linked above.

Original press release by Shults Media Relations received on August 1, 2012:

The revolutionary low barrel position (recoil reducing) .357 Magnum Chiappa Rhino Revolver is the gun of choice for the heroes of the new 2012 Total Recall film. The film hero Douglas Quaid played by Colin Farrell and his female co-star Kate Beckinsale (who plays Quaid’s wife) use a variety of firearms in the film and one key handgun is the Chiappa Rhino.

Quaid uses the gun in the film and publicity stills show knockout beauty Kate Beckinsale blazing away with the low-recoil high-performance Rhino revolver. Yes, they are blanks, but even if not, the recoil of this revolutionary revolver would be about the same with live ammunition. The film debuts in theatres across the country on August 3, 2012. Should be a fun flick.

Image courtesy Shults Media Relations

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