Colorado Parks and Wildlife has again posted its annual package of Big Game Hunting Stories on the agency web site. Every year more than 300,000 hunters venture into Colorado’s forests, canyons and high plains to hunt deer, elk, bears and pronghorn. Besides our state residents, hunters come to Colorado from nearly every state.

These stories are general and focus on hunting tips, rules and regulations and other need-to-know information. For years, media outlets in Colorado have found these stories helpful for annual fall hunting supplements and web sites. Photos are also available from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.

The stories can be accessed at: 

Following is the list of stories available this year:

Colorado’s Wildlife Conservation History
Caring for Your Campsite
Common Hunting Violations
Don’t Shoot a Moose
Hunting Gear Check-list
High Altitude Survival
How Not to Get Lost in the Woods
Numerous Information Resources Available for Hunters
What to Do if You Make a Mistake While Hunting
Know Where You’re Hunting
Preference Point System Explained
Ranching for Wildlife Program
How to Hunt Pronghorn
How to Hunt Mule Deer
How to Hunt Elk
Other Big Game Hunting in Colorado
Taking Care of Game Meat
Hunting Ethically
How to Hunt Safely
Hunting with Horses
Know the Rules of Hunting and Your Limits
Poaching a Constant Problem
Use ATVs Properly
Hunting and Wildlife Management in Colorado

Logo courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife

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