The final team matches of NRA’s High Power Championships took place on a day that most participants described as “perfect.” Quite the break from Camp Perry’s usual offering of wind, rain and storm.

Competitors broke into teams of four to determine the 2012 recipients of the Rumbold, Rochester National Defense Contingent (RNDC), and Enlisted Men’s trophies on Viale Range at distances of 200, 300 and 600 yards.

Rumbold teams are comprised of civilians with a state affiliation (teams are allowed one member from an adjacent state) while Enlisted Men’s teams are made up of service members. All teams not eligible for the two other matches, along with all teams who are, compete for the RNDC trophy. Got it?

USAMU Praslick, a name often seen at the top of team matches for a number of years, took first in the Enlisted Men’s match with a 1957-84x out of a possible 2000. In the Rumbold match, the Keystone Hawkeyes took first place with a score of 1960-84x. And finally, in the RNDC match, USAMU Mangione beat out each and every one of today’s teams, clenching their victory with a 1979-94x.

Here’s what the leaderboards look like for each match:

Enlisted Men’s Trophy Trophy Match — Match 431

Place/Team Name/Score

  1. USAMU Praslick 1957-84x
  2. USAR Anderson 1944-59x
  3. All Guard Camboa 1944-56x

Rumbold Trophy Trophy Match — Match 432

Place/Team Name/Score

  1. Keystone Hawkeyes 1960-84x
  2. Illinois State Gold 1955-58x
  3. Semno 1951-80x

RNDC Trophy Trophy Match — Match 433

Place/Team Name/Score

  1. USAMU Mangione 1979-94x
  2. Sierra 1971-101x
  3. Keystone Hawkeyes 1960-84x

For a slideshow of the event, visit the original post on the NRA Blog.

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