Things have taken a turn for previous NRA High Power leader Carl Bernosky. As results for the Coast Artillery Trophy Match roll in, it appears that his score of 199-12x will put him a few steps behind the competition. That left the door open for John Friguglietti, who fired an excellent 300 yard prone, rapid fire effort to finish with a top score of 200-17x. Howell and Zerr finished second and third with 15 and 14 Xs respectively. Former High Power champ Tubb remains strong by placing forth.

As always, these are preliminary scores as the NRA Stat office pushes through the challenge period when all becomes final.

Coast Artillery Trophy Match – Match 443

1John Friguglietti200-17x
2Jon Howell200-15x
3Ronald Zerr200-14x
4David Tubb200-11x
5Frank Adelson200-11x


Images courtesy NRAblog

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