Team Remington/Bushmaster shooters were awarded several titles during the recent 2012 Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) National High Power Championships held at Camp Perry, Ohio.  The event hosted over 3,320 competitors.

“I am proud of our team’s accomplishments this year at the national matches,” said Ken Roxburgh – Team Captain and Coach.  “I am especially proud of our performance in the President’s 100 match were we had six team members in the top 100 with three in the top 20.  We performed well overall and achieved our goal of being ambassadors to high power and long-range shooting.”

Team Remington-Bushmaster 2012 CMP National Matches Accomplishments:

President’s 100 Match (1,239 Competitors) -Held on July 30, 2012

4th – Sara Rozanski, Score 390-10X, Sara also took the High Woman Title
10th– Mark Laramie, Score 387-11X
13th– Joseph Hendricks, Score 385-10X
23rd – Thomas Rider, Score 290-6X
47th – George Morgan, Score 288-3X
81st – Nate Guernsey, Score 285-2X

CMP National Trophy Individual Rifle Match – Held on July 31, 2012

Mark Laramie, Silver Medal, Score 482-15X
Nate Guernsey, Silver Medal, Score 477-15X
Sara Rozanski, Silver Medal, Score 477-10X
Joseph Hendricks Sr., Silver Medal, Score 474-10X
Joseph Hendricks Jr., Bronze Medal, Score 472-6X
Phillip “Mick” McCotter, Bronze Medal, 468-9X

Hearst Doubles Team Match (289 Teams) – Held on August 1, 2012

12th – Team Hendricks/Guernsey, Score 580-16X
19th– Team Morgan/Laramie, Score 577-13X

National Trophy Junior Team Match (83 Teams) – Held on August 1, 2012

2nd– Team Pennsylvania Remington Roxburgh, Score 966-23X
Team Captain – Kenneth Roxburg Jr., Joseph Hendricks Jr., Nathan Evagash

In addition to the matches, Team Remington-Bushmaster conducted the Remington-Bushmaster Advanced High Power shooting clinic; featuring formal classroom instruction, practical application, dry and live fire training and demonstrations by some of the world’s leading high power service and match rifle competitors.

Clinic Topics Included:

  • Fundamentals of high power shooting
  • Positions – standing, sitting, prone
  • Trigger control/aiming
  • Effects of weather
  • Wind reading
  • Competition Data book
  • Range etiquette
  • Weapon handling and safety
  • Courses of fire
  • Care/cleaning
  • Assembly/disassembly of match weapons

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