With the final days of summer approaching quickly, state wildlife officials are urging people to continue to report deer observations as they head north for one last trip to the family cabin or a weekend get-away to a state park.

“Don’t forget to pack your Observation Deer Watch tally sheet,” says Brian Dhuey, a deer research specialist with the Department of Natural Resources. “This easy-to-do survey can help us estimate the annual production of our deer herd.”

When people spot a deer, they simply write down the date, what type of deer it was (buck, doe, or fawn), and the deer management unit (map provided with tally sheet) in which it was seen.

Since August 1, more than 1,265 deer have been reported by 181 participants who have spotted 191 bucks, 589 does, 420 fawns, and 65 unknowns.

“Deer sightings often catch us by surprise, so remember to keep your tally sheet handy – whether it’s in your car or your wallet,” Dhuey said.

People can enter observations at the end of the day, or at the end of the month through the DNR website [dnr.wi.gov]. Search keyword “deer watch” and follow the directions to enter observations from the tally sheet online.

Operation Deer Watch continues through September 30.

Logo courtesy of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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