Insotect Ltd., a leader in sleeping bag construction technology, is pleased to announce that its Insotect Flow insulation system has powered the NEMO Spoon Shape Series Sleeping Bag to an Outside Magazine Gear of the Show award at Outdoor Retailer’s Summer Market 2012.

Insotect’s contribution to NEMO’s Spoon Shape series sleeping bag includes the Insotect Flow insulation system. Insotect Flow is an evolution in sleeping bag construction; combining the presence of vertical thermal channels (VTCs) with Insotect’s proprietary FlowGates. Insotect Flow’s vertical thermal channels distribute heat more readily from head to toe compared to traditional side-to side horizontal baffles. Heat can now effectively travel the entire length of the channel alongside the body, bringing warmth throughout. Vertical baffle construction also allows the gear design to more closely reflect the contours of the user, taking on a more comfort forming shape which in turn keeps the insulated comfort closer to the body. Another significant benefit with Insotect Flow’s vertical orientation is the need for fewer total baffles. Fewer baffles mean less material and less material translates directly into lighter gear. Insotect Flow is once again recognized as setting a new standard in sleeping bag performance and comfort.

By providing leadership in innovation and practical design application, Insotect is able to offer complete award winning solutions to its distributor brands. This award comes shortly after the launch of Insotect’s newest insulation system titled Insotect Tubic™ which has already been picked up exclusively by Big Agnes for 2013.

“This nod by Outside Magazine is a reminder of the legacy that Insotect has created within our category. Insotect Flow continues to root itself as a difference maker for our partners even at a time when we are gaining traction with our newest construction technology. Our know-how continues to reshape the sleeping bag market landscape and we are happy to be able to work closely with brand leaders like NEMO to achieve this kind of recognition.” – Irvin Vale Akopov, Insotect Brand Manager.

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