Recent changes in Idaho Department Fish & Game (IDFG)  Regulations now make it possible for wolves to be trapped by those individuals who have completed a Department sponsored course. Unlike hunter and bowhunter education that are mandatory courses for anyone born after January 1, 1975, regular trapper education has been offered on a voluntary basis for a number of years, but it does not fulfill the requirement for being able to trap wolves.  The workshop to be held on Saturday, September 15th will be the last opportunity in the Upper Snake Region to take the mandatory wolf trapper education course for the remainder of this year.

Last season was the first opportunity that sport trappers in Idaho had a chance to test their skills against wolves.  So far over 1,000 trappers statewide have taken the required workshop.”  At the end of this year’s season, 124 wolves had been trapped, not including those as part of management actions. An additional 255 were taken through over traditional hunting methods. Trapping of wolves is restricted to certain areas in the central and northern part of the state within certain dates. Details are listed in the big game regulations.

Because the course is very hands-on, a limit of 25 spaces exists.   The first portion of the course will be held in the classroom and the second portion will be in the field.  Pre-registration is required!  Those wanting to participate must register in advance at the IDFG Regional Office at 4279 Commerce Circle in Idaho Falls. Space is on a first come basis and participants must pay $8.00 at the time of registration.  In addition to practical considerations regarding the trapping of wolves, trappers will also be exposed to the ethics and trapping etiquette that should be considered along with the basic regulations.

The workshop will run from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM at the Chester Wetlands segment of the Sand Creek Wildlife Management Area. Participants will need to bring their own lunches.  For further information call 208-525-7290.

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