Sammy Halbert has a lot to be euphoric about in Peoria, Illinois. Earlier this month, Halbert won the race at Peoria Speedway where he beat out Jared Mees, Robbie Pearson, Mikey Rush, Brad Baker and other racers.

The AMA Pro Flat Track rider is only 24 years old, but he already has an impressive list of titles under his belt. He was the overall Grand National Champion at the AMA Pro GNC Singles Championship in 2009, he won both Daytona Grand National short track races in 2011 and earned a total of 19 Top 10s in the GNC races.

View the video below to hear an interview with Halbert, see some riding footage and witness an intense crash (at 6:55) during one of the races he partook in. Note that all riders have recovered or are recovering.

*Warning* Video contains some mild language.


Image screenshot of video by BuiltBrandClothing on youtube

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