Bowjax now offers Muddy Girl Camo stabilizers

Moon Shine, LP, a premium designer of Moon Shine Attitude Attire, announces its partnership with Bowjax.  Under the agreement, Bowjax will offer their MAX JAX stabilizer in the popular Muddy Girl Camo. The new Muddy Girl Camo stabilizer is 7” long, weighs 8 ounces, and comes with two purple MAX JAX dampeners.

“On behalf of Moon Shine, we are excited to partner with one of the best suppliers of bow dampening and silencing systems in the market,” stated Travis Mattern, President of Moon Shine Attitude Attire. “Our Muddy Girl Camo looks incredible on the MAX JAX stabilizer. We look forward to seeing more women sporting our camo finish on their Bowjax products.”

“We look forward to a great partnership with Moon Shine Attitude Attire,” stated Stuart Wright, President of Bowjax. “They have the same business philosophy as we do – to supply consumers with unique products that are high in quality. We will continue to offer the best vibration dampening products and hope this partnership will continue to grow our business as well as strengthen the Moon Shine Attitude Attire brand.”

The MSRP of the new Muddy Girl “Attitude Attire” stabilizer is $34.99. According to independent studies, the MAX JAX stabilizer reduces 52.7% vibration in today’s compound bows.

This partnership adds yet another licensee to the Moon Shine Attitude Attire family.

Image courtesy Providence Marketing Group

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