As any collegiate frat boy can tell you, vomit isn’t all that hard to come by. However, getting your hands on $60,000 worth of regurgitated riches isn’t as easy as buying a case of Natty Ice and letting nature take its course.

Ambergris is a biliary secretion of sperm whales. Usually ambergris is expelled as fecal matter, but chunks as large as the one from this story are often vomited up by whales.

What makes ambergris so valuable is that it is a highly desirable fixative for perfumes. Most perfume manufactures have switched to synthetic ambergris in order to keep production up and prices down, but some of the most expensive perfumes in the world are exclusively made with ambergris.

Eight-year-old Charlie Naysmith from England found his chunk of ambergris while walking a long abeach on England’s south coast. What turned out to be ambergris seemed, at first, to be nothing more than a strange stone to Naysmith. The Daily Echo says that after a some research his family discovered what it really was.

NBC News reported that ambergris usually sells for $10-$50 a gram. Naysmith’s single piece of ambergris weighs in at around 600 grams – a significant cause for celebration. It is being reported that Naysmith’s chunk of Ambergris could bring in as much $63,000.

According to the Daily Echo, Charlie is considering using he money from the sale to build a house for animals.

Not a bad day at the beach.

Image from Strange Ones on the flickr Creative Commons

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4 thoughts on “King Ralph: Boy Finds What Could be $60,000 Chunk of Whale Vomit

    1. You are correct sir! Maybe they meant 50 british pounds per gram, which would be closer to the mark? Pounds used to be about $2/pound, but today about $1.60, so still off, but closer.

  1. I’m well aware that women rub lotions, potions and salves made from a wide variety of plants, nuts, fruits, etc into their hair (which is made of DEAD cells). They do this in the mistaken belief that it will somehow bring hair back to life.

    They do the same for their outer layer of dermis, which is likewise made from dead cells. It all strikes me as funny… BUT WHALE VOMIT?!? REALLY?!?

    I guess it’s lucky for us guys that women will believe pretty much anything!

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