Earlier today, GQ magazine announced that a Romney/Ryan campaign official had revealed to them Paul Ryan’s Secret Service code name: “Bowhunter”.

GQ’s Marc Ambinder explains that Ryan got to choose his favorite hobby when deciding on a nickname for the Service to utilize.

Politically inclined outdoorsmen and women who have followed the Republican presidential campaign since Ryan’s appointment as Romney’s running mate should find this as no surprise; the Archery Trade Association (ATA) in particular has released several informational pieces on the politician highlighting his support for the bowhunting tradition and archery in general. ABC News gave Ryan the title of “Master Bowhunter” in their profile of the Wisconsin congressman.

Ryan’s code name appears to be one of the first (known) hunting-related monikers for high-profile politicians. Some presidents’ and candidates’ code names include:

  • John F. Kennedy – Lancer
  • Richard Nixon – Searchlight
  • Ronald Reagan – Rawhide
  • George H.W. Bush – Timberwolf
  • Bill Clinton – Eagle
  • George W. Bush – Tumbler or Trailblazer
  • Al Gore – Sundance
  • Barack Obama – Renegade
  • John McCain – Phoenix
Mitt Romney’s nick name is “Javelin”, after a car that his father’s company once built.

Some readers may be wondering – shouldn’t these Secret Service code names be kept, y’know, secret? Ambinder adds that “the Service has said in the past that the publication of code names does not risk the security of its protectees because all radio communication is now encrypted.” Guess we’ll have to trust them on that – they are the experts, after all!

Image from Gage Skidmore on the flickr Creative Commons

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4 thoughts on “Paul Ryan’s Outdoors-inspired Secret Service Code Name Revealed

  1. Like this is a surprise on 2 counts #1, we know he’s a bowhunter and #2, another “LEAK” has sprung, no matter where it originated. Get a clue folks, COMSEC/OPSEC should be OFF LIMITS…period!
    Let’s all hope the SS (currently Gestapo fits with BHO, rather than Sec. Svc) has the opportunity to cover this fella for a little of 4 years…at least!

  2. “Bowhunter”, Outstanding! I shouldn’t be suprised, but didn’t know Paul was a hunter. Shouldn’t “Renegade” actually be “Nosecandy”?

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