Never was a hunting tournament of this scale done before, where 12 million hunters can participate at the same time in any of the 43 individual State tournaments during the hunting season. The tournaments simple design and the internet make it all possible for thousands, even millions of hunters to enter throughout North America. Given this large volume of hunters along with your help, we could produce the largest hunting event of our time. Hunters also benefit through tournament proceeds.

Hunters register online in the state they want to hunt. Once a hunter legally harvests a wild free roaming whitetail (no high fences) during the States hunting season, the hunter will score their hunting skills in four categories. Hunters will be hunting their normal hunting areas. Tournaments include a State/National, Youth and Outfitter Tournament.

Being the first year and with limited funds, businesses can contribute by advertising on NasHunts website and provide funding for the tournament and allow us to meet our charity goal.

The website provides all types of hunting communications such as; daily tournament info, photo galleries, on-line hunting expo, advertising; company product information, hunter entertainment and camaraderie for all hunters.

I have devoted the past two years researching the design of the tournaments to provide a simple legal tournament process for hunters to enter and participate.

With your decision to spread the word, whether written article, word of mouth, e-mails, Twitter, Facebook, newspapers, websites, radio or TV, will directly improve the lives of others.

“NasHunt” (North American Sportsmen Hunting United Nationally Together)
Please, Help Us Help Others – Spread the Word
For more detailed information visit NasHunts website
Or Contacts
Edward “Jay” Rothermel (Founder of NasHunt)
2223 Oakwood Dr, Danville, PA. 17821

Image courtesy NasHunts

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