The National Wildlife Federation is celebrating the upcoming 40th Anniversary of the Clean Water Act (on October 18) by launching its first “Fish Tale” event.  Anglers and fishing families are invited to share their fish photos and stories to highlight the importance of clean water.  Throughout September and early October, NWF will post guest blogs and many of these pictures and stories, underscoring the importance of clean water to good fishing through a dedicated flickr site. These messages will be shared with decision makers.

The Clean Water Act was signed into law in 1972 with strong bipartisan support to protect waters and wetlands that are vital to people and wildlife. The Act has been integral in maintaining and protecting clean water, fish and wildlife habitat, and associated outdoor activities. Ensuring “fishable” waters is at the very core of the law. However, in recent years, the Clean Water Act has been under attack in Washington D.C. and across the country, compromising protections for our streams, lakes and wetlands. Even on the eve of the 40th anniversary of this landmark legislation, some politicians are making deliberate and relentless attempts to weaken the Clean Water Act.

“The National Wildlife Federation played a key role in the intial passage of the Clean Water Act,” said Land Tawney, National Wildlife Federation’s senior manager for sportsman leadership. “Today we continue mobilizing our members and affiliates to support and defend this bedrock conservation law. I could not be more proud of our efforts and countless other hunters and anglers from across the country that has made clean water a priority.”

“Some of the most important habitats for fish and wildlife are now at risk. Healthy rivers and lakes enhance the economic value of neighboring homes, businesses and communities. The evidence shows that commonsense measures like the Clean Water Act benefit public health, natural resources, and our economy while at the same time passing on our storied outdoor heritage to the next generation.”

The activities and the economic growth Clean Water Act protections support at the local, regional and national levels all depend on healthy waters and wetlands to produce quality outdoor experiences. Clean streams and abundant wetlands are essential for fish and wildlife and the hunting, angling and outdoor traditions tens of millions of Americans enjoy every day.

As every angler knows, clean water and good fishing go hand in hand. To honor the passage of the Clean Water Act and to help renew clean water protections for our streams, lakes, wetlands, and bays, please help us raise the chorus of sportsmen voices in support of the Clean Water Act.

Image courtesy Jojo Nicdao on flickr

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