It might pain some men to spend thousands of dollars on an engagement ring when they get nothing in return except the prospect of complaining about married life for eternity. But one jeweler wanted to encourage both marriage and hunting and is offering a gift for future husbands.

D. Geller & Son Diamonds is trying to encourage more hunters to pop the question by giving potential proposers and other jewelry buyers a free Thompson/Center Venture hunting rifle worth $430 when they buy $2,499 worth of merchandise.

For the offer to be valid, a customer’s purchase must be made between September 20 and 22, 2012. D. Geller & Son does not actually procure the rifle for the ring buyer, they are given a gift voucher for the rifle to be redeemed at Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, Georgia before December 24, 2012. The buyer must pass a background check and adhere to all other BATFE regulations as with a normal firearms purchase.

Mike Geller of D. Geller & Son told 11 Alive, a Georgian NBC affiliate, that business has been a little slow lately and one way to encourage someone to get a gift for someone else is to get one for yourself. “Things are tough everywhere, but what we’ve come to over the last few years is, if you want to stand out you have to make it fun,” Geller said.

D. Geller & Son has been in business for 73 years and operates two stores, one in Smyrna and one in Kennesaw. The advertisement on the website is geared specifically toward hunters and there is also a billboard ad on I-75 heading south in Cobb County.

So ladies, when your hunter boyfriend comes back home sporting a new Thompson/Center rifle, don’t be surprised if the proposal comes soon after.

Image from uak_rock on the flickr Creative Commons

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