This season marked Matt Knox’s first time hunting for black bear. After trying his patience in a stand for six days, he finally harvested one. Little did he know this giant black bear would beat the Maine state record set in 1993 by 19 pounds.

Knox, an Army veteran of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, booked a hunt through Grand Slam Guide Service located in the Moosehead Lake Region of Maine. Grand Slam’s guides Jim Webber and Steve Monroe plant bait in undisclosed locations where the hunt takes place.

In a phone interview with Outdoor Hub, Monroe chuckled a bit when I asked him what bait he uses. Laughing, he said he wouldn’t divulge his secret formula, but he told me he baits with four ingredients. Doughnuts, a special grease and two other secret ingredients.

Although Knox was discouraged to sit in a stand for five days without seeing anything, Webber convinced him to go back on Friday, showing him trail cam photos that revealed the presence of a large bear in the area near Greenville Junction where the stand is located.

In a phone interview with Bangor Daily News, Knox said “He [Jim Webber] told me to be patient. “Once the bear got used to my scent in that area he’d more than likely come in early [during legal shooting hours].”

So when the bear came into the clearing, Knox took his lucky shot with a .45-70 Marlin using special hand loads. By the time Knox and his guides got the bear back to camp it was 11 pm, so they put the monster on ice, wanting to weigh it, knowing it must have weighed at least 550 to 580 pounds. After one unofficial weight of 705 pounds, they headed to a state-certified scale at Herring Brothers Meats in Guildford. The official weight of the bear was 699 pounds.

Monroe said Knox was ecstatic. “When he left here, he was still shell-shocked,” Monroe said.

Knox easily beat the previous record of 680 pounds set by Richard Moore of Allentown, Pennsylvania on September 13, 1993. State records for fish and game are kept by the Maine Sportsman.

Now, Knox is back in Pennsylvania as Grand Slam’s latest beaming customer.

Image courtesy of John Longergan/Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

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6 thoughts on “Nearly 700-pound Black Bear Shatters Maine State Record

  1. @Allan – Legal hunting is used to help regulate populations to ensure that the habitats are not over-saturated with a particular species. Bait or not, hunter or not, if a habitat is over-saturated I’ll go under control either by itself (animals starve), or a park ranger would even be called in to relocate or eliminate a number of animals to return the area to balance. There’s a reason tags are handed out and wildlife numbers are carefully monitored.

  2. I just shot my first black bear 2 weeks ago in Ontario, Canada.
    It was an amazing experience…one I will never forget (although mine was nowhere NEAR this big!).
    I butchered the entire animal and will be eating it for the next long while…as will my family and several of my friends.

  3. I think they’re MAINE bears, so MAINERS should be the ones to TAKE ’em! BTW…this fella’s from PA, in PA, you have to STOP baiting 30 days before the sdeason starts.. .I gotta wonder if this guy actuallyis gonna EAT 700 lbs of bear meat or if it’s just a waste of a wonderful animal…

    1. …and further…last year in PA, near Altoona someone got a 650 lb bear, so you have to wonder why he’d go all the way to some kill farm in Maine, rather than just hunt in PA for a bear. The great white hunter I guess. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, the Bureau of Land Management in S. Dakota actually HIRED people to kill elk from October 2012 through Feb. 2013….it aint easy though I’m sure, thats some rough terrain camping through the whole fall and winter, hauling your gear, and the elk meat with you up to 20 miles a day…but still…what a job!

  4. PA hunter, that bear was not shot at a kill farm. give me a break ,I live an hr south of the area it was shot in. guided bear hunts are big business for alot of outfitters here in Maine. I been baiting a big boar for the last 3 yrs, i finally connected with him last friday sept 14th , live weight was 520 lbs ,lotta ice fishing cookouts planned for this winter! 40 lbs of smoked sausage,2 smoked hams and roast with select cuts of steak and stew meat

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