Anglers fishing some water bodies in western Nebraska may encounter a different species of fish this fall. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has stocked cutthroat trout in the White River near Crawford (600 trout), Blue Creek near Oshkosh (500), Alliance golf course pond (200), and the middle lake at Bridgeport State Recreation Area (750).

None of the trout species commonly stocked in Nebraska are native to the state. Rainbow trout came from the western United States; brook trout came from the East; and brown trout originated in Europe. Cutthroat trout were found in Nebraska Territory, but there is no scientific evidence that they were present in what is now the State of Nebraska. There were, however, some anecdotal reports of cutthroats being caught from a few northern and western Nebraska streams.These fish were produced at the Grove Trout Rearing Station near Royal and averaged approximately 10¾ inches in length.

The cutthroat trout stocked Sept. 18 will provide some diversity that anglers will hopefully notice, appreciate and enjoy.

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Image courtesy Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

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