Remington Arms Company, LLC. (“Remington”) is proud to announce that ProForce has been awarded an ammunition contract to supply law enforcement agencies in Colorado with Remington ammunition. The agreement is valid from Sept. 7, 2012 to July 31, 2014 with an option to renew for 3 additional years.

ProForce of Prescott, Arizona is the distributor awarded this contract and can be contacted at 800-367-5855. The contract and pricing is available at  under the Ammunition-Law Enforcement tab.

About Remington LE Ammunition:

Remington offers a wide variety of specialized choices in all popular law enforcement calibers. All specifications are loaded to optimum velocity and pressure for reliable bullet performance. For departments and agencies using high velocity cartridges, Remington offers an impressive range of +P and +P+ loadings to choose from.

Design excellence in duty ammunition means nothing unless it comes with absolute day-in, day-out performance consistency. At Remington, our efforts in product quality and consistency of performance are unrelenting. We constantly monitor our production process to be sure Remington law enforcement ammunition measures up. Frequent measurement and recording of velocity, pressure and accuracy gives us the confidence to promise: The Remington ammunition you carry on duty is designed to never let you down.

Logo courtesy Remington

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