The wolf hunting season has not yet officially begun in Minnesota, but a hunter had to make a rapid decision to either take the wolf, or get himself or his dog mauled.

On a ruffed grouse hunt last week near Park Rapids, Minnesota, an unnamed hunter and his dog were tracking the birds when a wolf entered their vicinity.

“The dog ran back to the hunter with the wolf on its heels,” State Conservation Officer Sam Hunter told the Star Tribune. “The hunter shot the wolf at about eight yards as it was coming directly at him and his dog.”

Officer Hunter said the hunter used a shotgun loaded with birdshot to kill the wolf. Killing a wolf to protect yourself, livestock, or pets is permissible by law. Therefore, the hunter will not be cited.

Immediately after the incident happened, the hunter called the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to report it. According to the Star Tribune, there were only 12 wolves killed by livestock or pet owners in the past year, making this a pretty rare occurrence.

Image from Derek Bakken (dobak) on the flickr Creative Commons

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5 thoughts on “Hunter Goes Grouse Hunting, Instead Kills a Charging Wolf

  1. Calling this story B.S he was probably out wolf hunting and shot a couple grouse. regardless he needs to have his hunting license pulled for the rest of the year and his rabid dog put down.

  2. @Chefgreg, Did you read the story or make up your own? I believe after reading your reply, it was the latter. Stick to hugging trees and learn to interpret future articles as they are intended, not what you incorrectly dream up! Don’t comment on something you have no knowledge of. Your comment here truly makes you look foolish and idiotic!

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