Water was shut off to the modern bathrooms and shower houses at state park campgrounds on Monday, marking a shift to the offseason focus for park staff to facility and equipment repairs in preparation for the spring opening.

Dedicated campers will continue to fill campsites when the weather is nice because Iowa state park campgrounds remain open all year.

“This is some of the best camping of the year, in my opinion,” said Jim Lawson, supervisor of state parks for south central Iowa. “You have pleasant fall temperatures, more space; the leaves are turning colors and no bugs.”

Electricity will remain on and the frost free water hydrants scattered throughout the campground will still provide water. Pit latrines and portable toilets serve as the off season restrooms.

Campers should be aware that once the water is turned off, the campground dump stations are closed and they should plan to find an alternative location, like a rest area or travel plaza, to dump their trailers.

Water will be turned on by May 1.

Logo courtesy Iowa Department of Natural Resources

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