The popular Discovery Channel show “Sons of Guns” will take on a far more literal sense in this week’s episode – airing Wednesday, October 17, at 9PM (EST). Tune in to watch the sons – and fathers – of two legendary, firearms-industry families square off in a 3-gun match for the ages.

Long-time friends Pete Brownell of Brownells, and Jason Hornady of Hornady Manufacturing, both executives at their third-generation family-owned companies, team up with Red Jacket Firearms to do something special for their famous fathers. In the process, they’ll settle a generations-old grudge match over which family is the better shot.

Pete, pairing up with Frank Brownell, Chairman of Brownells, and Jason, joining Steve Hornady, President of Hornady Manufacturing, will engage in a friendly Brownell vs. Hornady 3-gun competition. Team Red Jacket members Kris Ford and Will Hayden will also join the battle, which will be waged using 1911 pistols, AR-15 rifles, and Saiga shotguns custom-built by the pros at Red Jacket Firearms.

“I only have to outshoot Pete Brownell,” said Jason Hornady. “He’s a long-time friend, but there are no friends when it comes to competitive shooting.”

Echoing Hornady’s sentiments, Brownell jokingly responded, “Jason’s a great guy, but he’s always known that I’m the better shot. In all seriousness, we had a great time competing with our fathers. I want to thank the Hornadys, as well as the crew at Red Jacket Firearms for an incredible experience. The show settles the bragging rights question once and for all.”

The AR-15s used by the Brownell, Hornady and Red Jacket teams for the filming of “Sons of Guns,” along with a list of products used for their builds, will be displayed in the Dream Guns section of the Brownells website following the show. Customers are also encouraged to checkout Brownells’ selection of Red Jacket Firearms and Hornady products.

Image courtesy Brownells

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