The Just Kill’n Time crew, Virginia’s original outdoor TV show, is heading to Maine this week for a bear camp that started with hurricane winds and ended with long hours in the stands. Tune in this week exclusively on Sportsman Channel Thursday at 3 am and 6:30 pm ET and Friday at 8 am ET to see if those long hours of patience paid off for our persistent hosts.

The week of bear camp started with hosts Max Rowe and Buck Buchannan trying to outrun Hurricane Irene as they head north to Maine Woodsman Guide Service operated by Tim Nickerson. Tim welcomed the JKTTV crew to the one thing they really wanted – camp food! After orientation and sighting in their gear, things got down to business.

“First day was a little slow. The wind was still blowing and we thought the hurricane had messed things up for us,” said Buck as the only animal he saw were squirrels that first day.

The third day brought better luck for crew member, Mark Aldridge, as he had a chance on a nice bruin after only sitting in his stand for 20 minutes! Unfortunately, the bear caught Mark off guard and the arrow cleanly glazed the bear’s back.  But Mark didn’t give up and went out again the following day. “I changed everything. I changed shirts; I changed weapons and my stand location. I even changed my hat,” said Mark to the camera. Viewers will have to tune in to see if Mark’s adjustments equaled him a nice bruin.

By day four, Buck was back in the stand and just before dusk saw a dark black bear step into his sights. A clean shot revealed a 300 pound bruin for Buck. “You can tell on video the bear knew something was up, but curiosity and hunger got to him and he made a deadly mistake returning to my area for a second time,” said Buck.

On day five, Max finally heads into the stand and finds a bear coming into his sights 20 minutes before dusk. “After sizing him up, I figure a bear in the hand is better than two in the bush,” said Max. After thinking his aim was dead on, Max was certain he had a black bear to go with Buck’s. Unfortunately, the next morning’s jaunt through the woods turned up only a tuft of bear hair for Max to take home.

“I simply missed. I wasn’t the broadhead’s fault or my gear’s fault. If you are an avid hunter, you will run into times when you just simply miss,” said Max.

Some people hunt to enjoy the fellowship of friends and family. Others hunt because they feel that spiritual moment between man and beast. Still even more hunt to spend communing with the great outdoors. Buck, Max, and the Just Kill’n Time Crew do it for all the reasons above and more. Join the guys and experience the true essence of what it is to rejoice in the outdoor lifestyle. No restaging, patronizing, or scripting of scenes. Only the Crew picking on each other, and having a great time while delivering what is missing on so many shows today…The HUNT!

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