Editor’s note: Thanks to the the folks over at G5 Outdoors for sharing this one with us last night…pretty cool!

Prime bows feature a forged 7000 series aluminum riser, making them the strongest in the industry. Independent testing shows a Prime riser can hold over 4,000 pounds, twice as much as our competitors. We did our own testing with an SUV weighing 2,900 pounds. Here’s the result! Visit www.g5prime.com to learn more.


Image and video courtesy Providence Marketing Group

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One thought on “Video: Lifting an SUV with a Prime Bow

  1. It is always a little disappointing to see a company attempt to gain a marketing edge through apples and peas testing. The Prime bow is strung and the other riser was not. The other riser was likely a Prime riser that was un strung. A 20 strand bow string with a net strength of approximately 120# per strand will lift about 2400#.
    The Jeep looks as if it did not have a motor and was pushed into the camera view.

    Any 6061 T6 riser would do the same given an apples to apples test.

    Shame on G-5 for thinking we are idiots. No stars.

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