ATK announces the debut of its newly redesigned law enforcement website – The enhanced website provides users with a dynamic and streamlined experience when searching for information on ATK’s leading law enforcement brands. The new website is divided into easy-to-navigate categories, and an improved search function allows users to quickly find the latest products from Federal Premium Law Enforcement Ammunition, Speer LE, Force on Force and BLACKHAWK!.

Offering everything LE needs

Developed to provide law enforcement personnel with a complete online experience, the new website offers information over a wide range of interests. Whether looking to compare ballistic data, watch helpful videos, or research real-world scenario training opportunities, the redesigned website offers timely information on each of ATK’s premier law enforcement brands.

In addition to serving as a valuable research tool, the website offers detailed product specifications on a wide array of ammunition and accessories. Federal Premium Law Enforcement Ammunition and Speer LE Ammunition provide officers with a variety of options for training and on-duty use. The new website allows users to compare data from either handgun, rifle or shotgun loads to find the best ammunition for the task at hand. ATK’s LE website offers a wide selection of accessories from manufacturers such as Champion, Weaver and Gunslick Pro.

ATK’s Force on Force program takes law enforcement training to the next level. With an emphasis on both safety and realism, Force on Force provides law enforcement officers live-action training for real-world situations where life and death decisions are made.

BLACKHAWK! provides some of the most popular, well-known and proven holsters and duty gear in the world. Visitors can also find Eagle Industries and their product line that caters to elite military units for mission-specific gear and apparel. Digital catalogs from each manufacturer can be downloaded directly from the website.

“During the development of the new website, our efforts concentrated on providing law enforcement personnel with timely information, reduced search times and ease of use,” said Reed Stoven, Senior Digital Marketing Manager with ATK. “By offering a one-stop experience, users can now obtain the information they need from any one of ATK’s brands both efficiently and conveniently. It is our hope that this new website will be seen as a valuable tool within law enforcement communities.”

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