Facebook Reach Sees 400 percent Growth in Q4; Engagement Rates Surge 80 percent; Group Surpasses 100k Facebook Likes

North American Hunter, the premier community for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, announced today that it has surpassed 100,000 likes on its Facebook page, and its reach has seen a 400 percent growth along with a surge in engagement rates of 80 percent.

The impressive figures are a result of a strategic, multi-platform social approach that puts a focus on high-quality content, real-time response and engagement across numerous social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. North American Media Group is one of few in the outdoor industry who has a dedicated in-house social media team to engage with its members 24/7.

“We are excited that our membership base is reaching out to us socially. Many of our hosts and editors have their own Twitter and Facebook accounts as well, which really gives our members unique access to them to ask questions and comment on their recent stories,” said Rick Dow, Chief Branding Officer. “Facebook is leading the pack socially where we see the most engagement. We see value in doing whatever we can to increase our engagement rates with more members commenting and sharing our posts.”

North American Hunter utilizes its large network of TV hosts, editors and bloggers, like Tom Miranda, and contributors, like Jeff Foxworthy, to increase engagement on and off-line.

“I believe we’ll see even more of an increase in social media usage from our members as smartphones are used in and out of the treestand and outdoorsmen and women see value in visiting our Facebook pages for information and entertainment,” said Ben Gustafson, Social Media Editor.

Logo courtesy North American Hunter

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