While the dry summer of 2012 has resulted in wildlfires in some parts of Nebraska, the fire risk remains high, especially in western Nebraska, during the fall hunting seasons.

Hunters have a responsibility to be aware of dry conditions that may create a fire risk and act accordingly.

Tips for hunters include:

  • If possible, drive only on paved roads.
  • Avoid driving on roads with tall vegetation in the middle track. If dry enough, this vegetation could contact the vehicle’s catalytic converter and spark a fire. Inspect the undercarriage of your vehicle for plant debris.
  • Do not park over dry vegetation.
  • Heed any posted signs regarding fire.
  • Smoke only inside vehicles or buildings.
  • Camp only in designated camping areas, and do not build campfires.
  • Have a fire extinguisher and shovel in the vehicle. If necessary, hunters must be able to act quickly to extinguish a fire.
  • Carry a cell phone.
  • Keep in touch with the landowner, who may have certain restrictions to follow.

Fires have killed many acres of timber resulting in branches or entire trees that may fall this season or in the future. Hunters should be cautious when hunting any area where trees have been killed due to wildfires or other causes. Hunters should not park vehicles under dead trees or place tree stands in dead trees.

Image courtesy Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

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