San Antonio, Texas – The final course at NRA’s Tactical Police Competition in San Antonio was donned Port-to-Port. No, there’s not sailing involved in this exercise. Instead, it’s a rifle and shotgun special focused more on training then the standard real-life scenarios our tactical competitions are known to offer.

With your shotgun placed in a barrel at the end of the course and your rifle in hand, the buzzer sounds and you’re off.

Seven portals total on the left and right are populated with targets, barriers, no shoot targets and clay discs. Peer through the portal, identify the target and fire. Once you find yourself at the end of the hallway it’s time to pull out the shotgun — literally.

Resting in the barrel at the end of the course, you sling the rifle and go for the clays. On the left there are four and on the right there are four so you better be quick with the reload. One the clays are gone, it’s back to the rifle.

Going prone, because there’s no other way to go, you’ll find eight additional targets down range. That’s where experience comes into play. See, going from rifle to shotgun might not sound like that big of a challenge. But when you’re running down a hallway, adrenaline pumping, it’s tough to switch from the wide scatter of a shotgun to the precision firing of a rifle.

Once you’ve put two shots on each of the eight down range, it’s done. Get off your belly, clear your gun, and make you’re way to the next course.

Image courtesy NRA Blog

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