Food pantries need high-quality protein; many areas need to reduce size the herd.

Whitetails Unlimited is a strong supporter of hunter donations to food pantries, and has been instrumental in both financing and expanding programs in many states. This hunting season WTU again encourages hunters to donate venison they cannot use personally to food pantries in their area.

“Many food pantries have a chronic shortage of food, and donations of venison can really help them out,” said WTU Executive Director Pete Gerl. “In some areas of the country whitetail populations are very high, and in many areas additional deer tags are available. It makes sense for a hunter to harvest an extra deer for a local food pantry, both for wildlife conservation and community needs.”

The National Rifle Association’s website has a list of food pantries across the country at From this list you can find programs in your state, determine drop off locations and times, and make sure you handle the deer in a manner that makes it easy for the program. In most cases, there is no cost to the hunter to participate.

Whitetails Unlimited national headquarters and local WTU chapters have financially supported many programs over the years, and continue to expand the programs. “These programs provide a valuable service to the communities, and are an easy way for hunters to help out while they enjoy their sport,” said Gerl. “If you get your deer early in the season and still want to hunt, taking another deer to donate to a food pantry is a great way to continue your season.” Be sure to hunt legally, within state regulations.

Hunters who want to financially support their local, regional, or state program can make donations at any time during the year by contacting  the program office. Contact information can be found on your local program’s website.

Logo courtesy Whitetails Unlimited

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