Hunters preparing for the November 17 – 25 gun-deer season in Wisconsin are reminded any of the white-tailed deer tagged or collared for research purposes may be harvested, and are asked to please take the time to ensure your target is not one of the two protected species which call Wisconsin home — the elk and the moose.

With the upcoming nine-day gun season approaching fast, wildlife researchers are looking for assistance from Wisconsin hunters who may harvest any of the more than 240 white-tailed deer marked with radio-collars and approximately 200 deer marked with ear tags.

The researchers say hunters’ help may play a role in how Wisconsin’s white-tailed deer herd is managed for generations to come. These deer were marked in 2011 and 2012 as part of a study to better understand how long deer live and how they die. ”Hunters are free to harvest these marked deer. And if they do, researchers request basic information that shouldn’t take more than a minute to provide.”

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Image courtesy Wisconsin DNR

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