From Worcester, Massachusetts comes a treasure chest full of secrets. Secret compartments, that is. Owner, designer and builder of Q-Line Design, Matthew, who wishes not to disclose his last name, started his furniture building company in 2001, but just recently began building furniture designed around multiple secret compartments.

“Until now everything has been custom, but we’re beginning to standardize some items,” Matthew said in a phone interview. “I’ve built a lot of furniture with secret compartments, but this concept is more about the secret compartment as opposed to furniture that happens to have a compartment… that’s the main feature.”

In mid-October, Matthew posted a video of one of his secretive bookshelves made of cherrywood which has already been watched by 699,787 people at the time of this publication. The bookcase featured in the video is the first of its kind, which Matthew built out of necessity. He showed his friends and put the video online which immediately got lots of hits and positive feedback. Currently, he is working on an order for six bookshelves identical to the one in the video below.


At the same time, he’s working on several other custom projects as well. Q-Line is capable of making nightstands, coffee tables, filing cabinets, entertainment centers and more since everything is customizable. Prices range from $3,000 to $10,000 depending on size, style, wood selection and other options. The shelf in the video above, for example, is priced at $3,500.

Each is built to store any valuable that can fit into it such as guns (from long guns to pistols), jewelry, documents or any other valuables. The secret compartments do not just swing open, but rather are activated with magnets or by releasing latches.

Matthew strives to built furniture that will outlast him. “If it won’t outlive me, I don’t build it. It’s built to be of heirloom quality.” Not to mention practicality. Your valuable objects will be hidden in plain sight from thieves, but defensive such as guns can be accessed within seconds when needed. Find more information at

Images courtesy of Q-Line Design

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